The Luxury Experience: Elite Limousine’s Black Car Service

You want the ultimate in luxury transportation: not just a car and a driver, but an experience. In other words, you want black car service.

Contrary to what you might assume, black car service doesn’t necessarily involve a black vehicle – or even a car, for that matter. Sure, you can engage one of Elite Limousine’s professional drivers to take you wherever you need to go in a jet black Audi A8L or Cadillac Escalade, but we also have spacious party buses and magnificent limousines (including the most assuredly not black “Jaycie” – our pink stretch Dodge Challenger).


When Should You Choose Black Car Service?

Black car service is ideal for occasions that demand a higher touch: when getting from A to B matters, but the entire time spanning departure and arrival matters just as much.

Do you have important clients visiting from out of town, and want to show them that you place the utmost value in their comfort and peace of mind? Are you planning a stressful trip out of town, and want every opportunity to relax while you’re going to and from the airport? Are you celebrating a major milestone like a wedding, anniversary or prom night? Or are you and your friends attending a concert or sporting event, and want to completely avoid any logistical hiccups? These are only a few of the special occasions that call for black car service.


Why Should You Choose Black Car Service?

With black car service, you won’t just arrive at your destination in style. You can rest assured you’ll be exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there. You’ll be perfectly relaxed on arrival. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll have fun.

  • Reliability – Elite Limousine takes the utmost care to maintain our vehicles perfectly. No engine issues can interfere with your itinerary. Likewise, our cars, limos and party buses are exclusively driven by consummate professionals. Unlike a taxi or rideshare service, there is no risk of a tardy or careless driver putting your important plans in jeopardy.
  • Privacy – Not too keen on a large corporation knowing your every move? Unlike big name ridesharing services, Elite Limousine never uses our clients’ data for questionable purposes.
  • Relaxation – Driving, as we’re sure you’re already well aware, can be stressful. Navigating unfamiliar roads can leave you feeling flustered. Finding parking can be downright infuriating. And if you’re traveling with companions, you’d much rather spend that time socializing instead of poring over a GPS. With black car service, all the inconvenience of local transport disappears.
  • Safety – Are you no longer confident in your ability to drive at night? Does the thought of driving a vehicle filled with boisterous partygoers make you uneasy? Do you intend to enjoy adult beverages during your night out, and want zero risk of making a mistake or having an unwelcome encounter with law enforcement? With an experienced professional driver at the wheel, you can set all those fears aside.
  • Fun – We’re sure your car is very nice. But does it have a high-end sound system with Bluetooth capability? A laser light display? A television? A full bar area? These are just a few of the fun amenities you can enjoy while Elite Limousine is driving you around the greater Sioux Falls, SD area.

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