Prom and Spring Formals: A Night to Remember With Elite Limousine LLC

Elite Limousine LLC has a solution for you: a limousine, a party bus, and luxury vehicle. Here’s why these vehicles are certain to bring a fun and safe prom or spring formal to perfection!



Let’s start with the reason why limousines were invented in the first place. Well, technically speaking, limos were invented because aristocrats wanted spacious seating while they were being driven around. But we all know what those aristocrats were really up to. They were being seen.

If you’re looking forward to a night to remember in Sioux Falls, do it in one of our fleet vehicles. We have the Jaycie, our pink stretch Dodge Challenger. We have the Darth Vader, our stretch Hummer H1. We also have the Dark Knight, Shadow and KaBoom – all jet black party buses that were designed with style and entertainment in mind.



Suppose a group of high school besties decided to all go to the prom together. A plan like that requires logistics. Who is driving, and in which vehicles? Will everyone leave and return at the same time? How far away is the venue, and will the kids still have energy to drive safely after dancing all night? Will anyone be chaperoning? Will you be chaperoning?

With a limo or a party bus, you don’t have to worry about logistics. A vehicle pulls up to your front door. Your kid gets in. After a few hours have passed, the same vehicle and kid both come back. It can accommodate a large group, so all their friends can stay together. Hire a limo or party bus for the friend group!



Your child and their friends will be driven by a professional. That professional’s job is to keep the limo and everyone inside it safe at all times.

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